Multicooker volume

The acquisition of a multicooker is always fraught with the need to face a choice.
The characteristics of the multicooker are very multifaceted, and for a person who has not yet been closely acquainted with this miracle of household appliances, many of them will have little to say.

The volume of the bowl in the multicooker

What are multicookers by capacity?
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In addition to numerous modes and functions, all multicookers are also different in terms of the volume of the cooking bowl.
The difference between the smallest multicooker and the most voluminous is very impressive and differs several times.

The volume of the multicooker: the smallest sizes will be only one and a half liters of volume, while the real giants of the culinary business can easily reach seven liters.
All this variety of multicookers further covers the process of determining the most suitable multicooker with a veil of ignorance.

Small multicooker

The volume of the multicooker: can be very small and amount to only one and a half liters.
From this value, the lineup of all possible multi-players begins.
Small multicookers are very convenient when located in the kitchen, storage, transportation.

Due to their small dimensions, they will not create unnecessary trouble when allocating space for them.
These slow cookers are designed to cook fairly small portions of food and are meant to be used in a bachelor’s nest or to be used as an auxiliary cooking battery in your kitchen.

Multicookers with an extremely small bowl volume can often have a very limited range of functions.

However, there are models with full functionality.
However, this type usually does not provide a pressure cooker function.
The advantage of small multicookers is their low power consumption, which does not create a significant load on your network.

Medium multicooker

Medium-sized slow cookers are designed to keep the average family of three to four people full.
The volume of multicookers in this category varies from three to five liters, which is quite enough to feed several mouths with a hearty meal.

The dimensions of these kitchen appliances are not critical, but may already require the allocation of a special place for their placement.
For most buyers, these multicookers will be the best option for purchase and use in everyday life.

Large multicooker

A large multicooker will help you organize a big celebration or feed guests at a party.

The acquisition of culinary equipment of this size makes sense with the constant organization of such meetings or the presence of a fairly large family, because their volume can reach seven liters, which is hardly required in order to feed the average family.
Therefore, the demand for them is usually quite small.