Multicooker modes

In order to make the diet of a modern person the most diverse, a processor programmed for various cooking modes is built into the multicookers.



All multicooker modes

Express, jellied meat, languishing, double boiler, baking, heating, multi-cooking… Modes for cooking any dish!
Details about each

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Using the automatic mode greatly simplifies the preparation of almost any dish and allows you to free up a significant part of the time for more important things.

In addition, the presence of an automatic dish heating mode in your multicooker will allow you to enjoy hot food, even if you are headlong into business and cannot quit by the time the dish is ready.

A delayed start timer will make your diet more punctual.
This program will allow you to automatically start cooking at a given time, and therefore get it at the most convenient time.

Universal multicooker modes

The multicooker modes, with a fairly simple acquaintance with them, will open up new opportunities for you in cooking.

Many multicooker modes are universal for a certain type of dish.

That is, for the preparation of the best cooked friable rice, we choose the same mode as for buckwheat-cereals.

Despite the fact that it is often called the buckwheat mode, it is perfect for cooking absolutely any crumbly cereal.
The modes of languishing, stewing, frying, boiling and many others are also universal.

For the most productive work with one of these multicooker modes, it is enough to understand the basic principle of cooking in it and then decide what other products it can go to.
The presence of the eponymous mode with the cherished dish will simplify its development to the utmost and with it you can cook your favorite dishes literally at the touch of a button.

Modes and designs of multicookers

Some multicooker modes are carried out exclusively at the software level, that is, due to the cooking time and temperature parameters set in a certain way.
To implement other cooking methods, it is necessary to make changes to the design of the multicooker itself.
High-pressure cooking, such as a pressure cooker, will require an increase in the reliability of the multicooker and strengthening of the elements that secure the lid.

In steam mode, a special insert in the bowl is used, which is a double boiler sieve.
Design features also give out multicookers that can work in convection and smoking modes.
Therefore, if you are particularly interested in one of these modes, then when choosing a slow cooker, pay attention to how much it is able to constructively provide this type of cooking.