Cooking cutlets with cheese in a slow cooker is not difficult and at the same time it is a great solution to the problem of hot, both everyday and festive tables.
Your guests are sure to love this dish.


Chicken fillet – 500 gr.;

Eggs – 2 pcs;

Hard cheese – 150 gr;

Pepper and salt – to taste;

Oil grows.
– 0.5 cups;

Breadcrumbs white.


We cut the chicken fillet into small pieces.
We rub the cheese on a grater.
Mix well with meat, do not salt or pepper, salt is in the cheese and it is enough.

Break the eggs into a separate bowl, add salt and ground black pepper to your taste, beat with a fork.

We roll koloboks from cheese and minced meat with our hands, dip them well in beaten eggs, and roll them in breadcrumbs, while pressing down with our hands to make a cake.

If you add sesame seeds to crackers, you get a fantastically tasty dish.
Pour the oil into the slow cooker, warm up the “Frying” mode for five minutes and then fry the cutlets with cheese in the slow cooker on both sides, about five minutes per side.

We fry with the lid closed.
When the cutlets are ready, add 1/3 cup of hot water to them and after boiling, close the lid and turn off the multicooker.
After five minutes, you can start tasting.
Enjoy your meal.