Multicooker functions

Given the culinary needs of modern man, technological progress seeks to translate them into reality most accurately and quickly.
And the multicooker has become a traditional means of fulfilling the desire for good nutrition.

All multicooker functions for delicious meals!

Smoker, yogurt, grill, bread maker, pressure cooker, steamer… Realization of any idea in one device!
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It is in it that various means of cooking are successfully combined.
In one device, the possibilities of cooking, frying, stewing are combined.

The functions of the multicooker also allow you to steam food, bake a variety of desserts, cook under pressure at elevated temperatures at high pressure.

Having a multifunctional multicooker in your kitchen will allow you to use one device to cook the entire range of dishes of your diet.

The main functions of the multicooker

In the arsenal of possibilities, the main functions of the multicooker can be distinguished.
These include the ability to perform tasks such as boiling, stewing and frying.

The cooking task can be implemented in several modes, each of which guarantees the best preparation of


a particular dish.

For example, for the preparation of cereals, cooking ends with the evaporation of the liquid, which ensures their friability, which means high culinary quality.

The stewing mode allows you to cook food at a low temperature, which allows you to save more nutrients, the integrity of the ingredients and the taste of your dish.

The frying mode is designed for frying a wide variety of foods.
The main functions of the multicooker are universal and can be used to prepare most everyday dishes.

Special functions of the multicooker

To prepare more interesting and, one might even say, specific dishes, multicookers have special programs for each of them.
The simplest can be attributed to such a regime as pilaf.
At its core, it is a combination of boiling and frying, which allows you to lightly fry pilaf after boiling by evaporating the liquid.

Since this mode is due to purely software functionality, it is present in almost all multicooker models.

Along with the pilaf mode, the baking, milk porridge and soup programs are placed.
Unlike purely software functions, in multicookers there are also such as steaming, which requires some design features that ensure that products are placed directly above the boiling liquid.

To implement the pressure cooker function, more serious changes are required in the multicooker, which directly increases its complexity, quality and, as a result, cost.
You can also observe this havoc in both the grill and smoke functions.

Functions and price of the multicooker

The functions of the multicooker are directly dependent on the cost of this household appliance, which should be taken into account when choosing it.
When choosing a multicooker, it is worth considering the direct dependence of the price of a kitchen assistant on its functionality.

Particular attention should be paid to the function of the pressure cooker, which a priori implies an increased pressure resistance of the multicooker.
The solution of this issue affects the improvement of the quality and reliability of the multicooker itself, which directly affects the increase in the cost of its production.

The number of different cooking modes will also work to increase the price of the device.

Therefore, when choosing a multicooker for yourself, you should decide in advance which functions you need, which ones will be nice to see available, and which ones will only further deplete your wallet.

How to replace the multicooker functions?

For comfortable use of a multicooker, very basic functionality will usually be enough.
Even the simplest cooker can please you with cereal dishes.

Frying and stewing dishes are also a very common multicooker arsenal.
The absence of such modes as soup is simply replaced by a stew program.

In the case of steam cooking, it is possible to cook soup even in accelerated mode.
The same approach in the selection of a replacement for the missing mode allows you to do without the chicken, fish type modes, using the baking mode for their preparation.

As you can see, many of the multicooker modes are interchangeable and only added to give the appearance of a more upmarket feature set.

Therefore, having familiarized yourself with at least the main modes in advance, which can be done directly on our website, you can choose the best multicooker option in terms of price-quality ratio.