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In recent years, a multicooker from a newfangled invention has become an almost indispensable assistant in the kitchen and has taken a position in the hit parade of kitchen appliances along with a refrigerator and microwave.

For its ease of use, millions of people over several years have entrusted their diet to her, as they once laid down the duties of a laundress for a washing machine.

This modern miracle of technology will help save your precious time from the daily guard near the gas stove and will delight you with new, yet unfamiliar dishes and their variety of tastes.


Cooking just got easier!

multicooker models

Models of modern multicookers – a detailed description and characteristics.
Redmond, Scarlett, Supra, Panasonic…

Multicooker functions

The functions of a multicooker are almost indispensable in the life of a modern person.
On our site you will find all the necessary information about the functions of multicookers, which will help you decide on the desired features, and a large range of presented models from top manufacturers will allow you to choose a specific multicooker.

all about multicookers on our website

All basic multicooker functions

Smoking, yogurt, grill, bread maker… Healthy meals for the whole family without the hassle!

Also, for your convenience, the site contains photos of each specific model, its technical characteristics, and recommendations for the best use of its capabilities.
Choose your new kitchen helper with us!

Multicooker modes

Multicooker modes are presented on our website as a separate full-fledged section, in which you will find their detailed descriptions and recommendations for use.


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All multicooker modes

Express, jellied meat, rice, steamed, fish, languor, pressure cooker… The multicooker modes will help you cook delicious and fast dishes!

We will be glad if this information will help you in mastering the technique we represent.

multicooker price

multicooker price

In order for you to be able to navigate not only the functionality of the multicookers, but also the pricing policy of manufacturers and suppliers, on the expanses of our website there are sales offers for a variety of models.

You can learn more about them by clicking on the promotional offer you like.

All commercial offers posted on the site come from reliable suppliers and manufacturers, which guarantees the convenience and complete safety of acquaintance and, most likely, purchase. Discover new multicooker modes and, at the same time, new opportunities in home cooking!